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Corporate Governance
Coaching, Instruction & Evaluation

What we do

We coach, support, train, induct, inform, and update public company directors on issues of critical significance to ensuring effectiveness of the Board of Directors.

With memories of the ceremonial Board fading into history, and with investors demanding accountability and responsibility from Chairmen, CEOs and directors, serving on the modern Board has become increasingly challenging. Boards that we work with have lower performance risk for those who serve on them, and less reputational risk from crises and setbacks being attributed to Boardroom failures.

How we do it

In in-person briefings, discussions, and through publications designed to be practical and useful. We present briefings in clients' Boardrooms or other venues.

Our team is trained to present powerful, memorable and motivational material. We focus on topical issues, and on matters of direct importance to directors. Our presentations and publications are based on in-depth research carried out by us over years, and on the latest corporate governance information and publications that become available.


Coaching the Chairman

We work with public company Chairmen to help ensure that they lead an effective Board that ensures corporate success.

The task of the public company Chairman is the most challenging in corporate governance. The Chairman is responsible for assembling the Board and for ensuring that the Board receives the right information, that the Board has an effective decision-making process and for implemnting decisions taken by the Board. We coach Chairmen to achieve these outcomes. We also publish a handbook for public company Chairmen.

Coaching the CEO

We coach public company CEOs on attaining success in managing their corporate governance responsibilities.

Whether or not the CEO is a member of the Board of Directors, we help the CEO to ensure that he or she interacts efficiently with the Board, takes appropriate issues and decisions to the Board, and plays a leadership role in the Boardroom as well as in the C-suite.


Responding to a profit warning

For a company that has issued a profit warning, we brief the Board on the implications of the warning, and how to correct corporate strategy to recover from the profit warning situation

The issuance of a public company profit warning presages a significant challenge for the company's Board of Directors. We support Boards of companies that have issued a profit warning by briefing the Board on the signficance of warning, on how to isolate and resolve problems that have given rise to the warning, and on investors' expectations for Board action post profit warning.

Approving financial reporting

The Companies Act 2006 says that directors have a duty to approve the company's accounts. We instruct public company Boards on how to acquit this duty.

Approving the accounts is the Board's most challenging task. It is also the most onerous, as defective financial reporting can result in a profit warning or worse. Our instruction raises the Board's awareness of issues that could mean that financial reporting does not reflect the company's economics and business model.

Leading strategic review

Corporate governance is increasingly emabracing corporate strategy, with the Board of Directors becoming more involved in the strategy formulation process

Traditionally the development and execution of corporate strategy has been controlled by management. With economic developments and the pace of technological progress move forward at speed, and corporate strategy risks and complexity continually growing, executives are often keen to obtain the advice of directors and Board approval for strategic initiatives.

These developments have edged Boards toward the forefront of corporate strategy. One of the most powerful Board techniques for involvement in strategy is the Strategic Review. We work with Boards in managing Strategic Review, evaluating the outcome of review and ensuring that strategic intiatives are implemented effectively.

Directing information governance

Board effectiveness in the information age is more dependent on efficient and competent management of information than ever before

We provide guidance for Boards of Directors on information governance.

The control and effective use of information has become one of the most challenging aspects of corporate governance. From the duty of directors to safeguard a company's information based assets, to the obligation to ensure that customer information is not leaked, ensuring that the company's cybersecurity capabilities are robust, that the company is compliant with UK and EU information regulations, while at the same time ensuring that Boardroom confidentiality is maintained and insider trading of the company's shares falls within permitted limits, is one of the most challenging aspects of Board service.


Board evaluation

We train Company Secretaries on how to carry out Board evaluations. We perform Board evaluations as external advisors.

Board evaluation done correctly can be a powerful instrument for ensuring Board effectiveness and for assuring investors that the Board is functioning as it should and is in full control of matters. We work with Company Secretaries to support their evaluation initiatives, and we carry out direct evaluation as external evaluators when we are asked by a Board to do so.

The Boards we work with are effective in achieving corporate success

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