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How do you rate your Board's performance?

Laid back, poorly informed, and low level effective are Boardroom styles that are no longer acceptable and don't work in current times.

Directors are in the spotlight as never before

Investors, stakeholders and regulators are taking director accountability to new heights, increasing director responsibility and risk.

A high performance Board is attainable

With the right resources, information and briefing, a Board can be transformed from low effectiveness to high performance.

Listing on the Stock Exchange ...
preparing your Board

Is your Board ready for the challenges?

Is your company contemplating or preparing to list on the London Stock Exchange? Converting from private company to listed company status is the most important milestone in the life cycle of any company. But it also throws up huge challenges for the company's Board. Directors need to grasp the implications of listing, including the challenges of listed company governance, changed financial reporting under IFRS, questions about Board composition, the significance of a quoted share price and how that price is determined, compliance with the UKLA Listing Rules, new hurdles in meeting outside investor expections and managing the Board's relationship with public shareholders, and the thorny problem of executive compensation. DanzigerCorporate prepares Boards to meet these challenges.

We provide solutions for Board Sub-Committees to improve their skills and effectiveness

Board Sub-Committees have specialist roles and need specialist answers to the issues they face

Contemporary Board Sub-Committees no longer serve a mainly ceremonial role as in the past. Sub-Committees now need to have specialist skills and abilities, to ensure that they are effective and able to make a difference. The cost of tripping up can be high. The recent case of an accounting impropriety at a major listed retail company resulting in the dismissal of the entire Audit Committee. The stakes for directors who serve on a Sub-Committee are high, and include loss of income and reputational harm. Naturally not every corporate misdemeanour can be laid at the door of a Board Sub-Committee, but serving Directors should be equipped and prepared to meet difficult situations when they arise. DanzigerCorporate develops protocols for Board Sub-Committees, to keep them at the cutting edge of Sub-Committee best practice and professionalism. Our protocols cover a range of Sub-Committee activity, including risk management, internal control, financial reporting, working with outside sub-contractors, cyber risk management, and conflict of interest avoidance. We bring our protocols into your Boardroom, and support your Board Sub-Committees in achieving the highest level of performance they are capable of.